Dog Surrendered to Florida Shelter After Owner's Landlord Said He Was 'Too Heavy' Breaks Our Hearts

Surely someone out there can give this sweet boy a quiet home.

We would do anything for our dogs and could never imagine giving them up. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be out of some people's control and they are forced to give their dogs up to remain in their current housing situation. One pup was the victim of such a policy and the consequences are heartbreaking.

TikTok user @aharrisphoto is an animal photographer and he recently shared a video about a dog named Canelo who was given to Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida. Tragically, Canelo's owner could no longer keep him at their apartment due to the dog weight limit imposed by their landlord. Watch the video to see how difficult this ordeal is for Canelo and to raise awareness about how unfair weight limits are for pets in housing rentals.

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We feel so sorry for Canelo! Our hearts are breaking for this poor pup, and we can't imagine how sad he is to be in this strange and scary environment without a familiar face. We hope he receives a lot of love and care from the staff so he is able to adjust soon.

People in the comments felt so much sympathy for this dog. @miss_mister_ said, "Poor baby, he must be so confused, afraid, and missing his family. Someone please adopt this baby!" Another user, @raanidream, commented, "Poor baby. These videos break my heart." It is so sad to think this pup doesn't even understand why his family left him!

Others were hopeful that Canelo would find a new home soon. @zombieautopilot commented, "Boosting to find this cutie the quiet home of his dreams," and @lunabug11 said, "I hope this precious soul gets a loving home soon." Canelo is so sweet, we know he will have people clamoring to adopt him very soon!

We can't believe that Canelo's owner was forced to give him up because of his weight. This is such a tragic circumstance for everyone involved, we hope Canelo is able to find a new, loving family soon and heal from this experience!

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