Dog Trains With Search-and-Rescue Divers in Ukraine

A dog is being trained to help search-and-rescue divers in Cherkasy, Ukraine, as seen in footage posted on May 25.

The video released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine shows Najda diving into water to tow a “victim” with a life preserver back to shore during her training. The ministry said the dog attends daily classes with a team of Cherkasy divers.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine said Najda is a purebred shepherd and was taken from a shelter.

“Najda has shown discipline and passion for water from the very first days of meeting her,” the service said. “So the divers decided to teach her the necessary commands, including water rescue.”

The emergency service added, “There are a few more classes of ‘dive school’ for Najda, but already today the dog is confidently and clearly following the commands and is ready, fully armed to meet the swimming season and keep vacationers safe.” Credit: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine via Storyful

Video Transcript