Dog trapped in ‘perilous situation’ after being stuck in hot car for almost an hour

Police responded to a dire situation Wednesday afternoon when a small dog was found trapped in a car for almost an hour, according to authorities.

Responding officers found the pup in a car with all four windows rolled up, according to Dedham Police. The temperature was around 80 degrees and the dog had been in there for at least 45 minutes, officials say.

Besides the heat, the pup was leashed and had wrapped herself around part of the seatbelt, the emergency brake and under the drivers seat, according to law enforcement officials. At one point, the dog had about six inches of mobility — a situation Dedham Animal Control described as “perilous.”

“Had the dog started to panic and flail trying to free herself from the entanglement, things could have escalated very quickly and very tragically,” Dedham Police said in a social media post.

The dog was able to untangle herself and the incident is under investigation by the town’s animal control department.

Police are reminding residents to be cautious about leaving leashes and tie outs on dogs that are unsupervised.

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