Dog warden alerts Lucas area residents after dogs kill miniature pony

LUCAS ― The Richland County Dog Warden's Office is asking the public to be on the lookout for three dogs who are running at large in the Lucas area and killed a family's miniature pony.

Dog Warden Missy Houghton said Thursday that the miniature pony was killed by the roaming dogs on Jan. 9. A neighbor saw the incident occur. The next confirmed sighting of the dogs was on Jan. 21.

Dog Warden Missy Houghton is asking residents to contact her office if they see the dogs.
Dog Warden Missy Houghton is asking residents to contact her office if they see the dogs.

To date, the miniature pony is the only incident where an animal has lost its life, she said.

"We want residents to contact us if they see these three dogs," she said.

Any and all sightings can be made to the dog warden's office at 419-774-5892.

The dogs are a 70-to-80-pound black and white lab mix; a dark brown and white American bulldog mix; and a 50-pound, long-haired Shepherd mix, she said.

The area where the dogs have been spotted include Tucker Road, Norris Road, Hastings-Neville Road, Hathaway Road and Possum Run Road, Houghton said.

A resident who contacted the News Journal was concerned the public needed to be alerted, saying the dogs had her horses cornered and were "terrorizing" her animals.

Houghton said to date the dogs have not been located.

"It was too broad an area for us to pinpoint an area to set traps," she said.

She asked residents to take precautions to protect their livestock.

Houghton said the Richland County Sheriff's Office and the Mansfield post of the Highway Patrol have descriptions of the dogs and are on the lookout for them.

Residents with information on the dogs can call the dog warden's office at 419-774-5892 or email Houghton at


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This article originally appeared on Mansfield News Journal: A neighbor saw the dogs kill a miniature pony on Jan. 9 in Lucas area.