Dog Who Went Missing 9 Months Ago In Ocean City Reunited With His Owner

A dog who went missing nine months ago is back home safe and sound.

Video Transcript

- Story right here just incredible.

- Yes, it is. A dog went missing nine months ago. It's back home now, safe and sound. Fisher, the two-year-old Boston Terrier, went missing in Ocean City last year. He was just found by someone who says he was outside when Fisher simply came up to him.

- Now he was wearing his collar, but there were no tags. So that is when he turned to Facebook. People started commenting and sharing the post with Fisher's owner. Sure enough, a chip scan confirmed it was him. That is amazing.

- Yeah, I understand Fisher's coming out with a book real soon, you know, how he survived those nine months. That's absolutely incredible.

- Commercials, endorsement deals, yeah.