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‘Dogs on the Beach’

Johnny, Boston terrier, ready to play, Morro Beach, Calif. (Photograph by Lara Jo Regan)

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    Linda M
    These are awesome pics (and, because our town is still fighting over dogs on the beach) who makes sure the owners pick up after any "incidents"?
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    once as a kid, we were riding down a coastal road and my dad had to stop for a red light. our dog made the decision that we were going to stop at the beach for a swim and jumped out of the car window and did just that. lol. a lot of dogs love the beach..
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    I also happen to know that most dog beaches are marked as such-at least the ones in california communities.
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    matt f.
    I live in San Diego and oftentimes take my Chocolate Labrador to dog beach. The joy you see in him jumping through the waves after his ball is second to none. Dog beach is a place where families enjoy their pets, and kids get to interact with their dog and other dogs. It's one of the happiest places on the planet, really.
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    Is the beach okay for dogs. Is the sand too hot for their paws?
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    Don't step on that.
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    Letgo Mieggo
    how about Fido sheeeet on the beach...
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    Also just FYI on the negative comments about taking dogs to the beach, they are only allowed at a very few beaches that are designated dog beaches, and most owners are careful to pick up after them. Dogs love the beach and should be allowed in certain select locations.
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    Our first two dogs spent their entire (play-time) lives at Fort Funston, San Francisco. They both passed away four months apart from one another, and just a few months before we moved cross-country. Their ashes were spread on that beach before we moved. So many happy memories.
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    Five Thousand
    Remember the kid that got "ring worms" from being buried in the sand from head to toe. Well this is why. I love dogs but they don't need to be everywhere.