Dogs recovered from local training business accused of neglect reunited with owners

Dogs removed from a local business accused of keeping them in poor conditions Friday are now back with their owners.

The five dogs taken to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center from a Brookville home have all been reunited with their owners, John Davis, Public Information Officer of the Tactical Crime Suppression Unit, told News Center 7 Saturday. Davis credited our reporting with helping find their families.

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The dogs were five of seven removed by investigators from a home on Upper Lewisburg Salem Road Friday afternoon. The other two dogs had already been returned to their owners.

The home was where the business Dayton Dog Trainers, LLC was located.

News Center 7 was the only media outlet there Friday as investigators conducted their investigation and removed the dogs. This all came about after around 30 people came forward and said they’d take their dogs there for training, but when they got them back, they were not trained and had been uncared for.

One victim alleged their dog died one day after picking them up.

Victims described the sale of the training service as “high pressure” and that they were often asked for cash upfront, which Davis said are red flags.

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When investigators searched the home they found seven dogs in crates in a half-finished basement.

“Dirty and scared ... just wasn’t certainly what someone was paying someone thousands of dollars to take care of the dog,” Davis said.

Davis said they suspect that 30 dogs are victims but numbers could range from 60 to 90.

He encouraged anyone who thinks they may be a victim to contact Sgt. Jeff Muncy with the Miamisburg Police Department.