Dogs search for survivors at Florida condo collapse

Over the weekend, the Florida Task Force, a team of urban search and rescue specialists, used a rescue dog named Phorce in the hope he could sniff our survivors.

Phorce was part of a four dog team from Task Force 3 deployed to Surfside over the weekend to help with recovery efforts.

Authorities continued to leave open the possibility that survivors might yet be found in the pile of debris left after nearly half of the 12-floor, 156-unit apartment tower abruptly caved in on itself early Thursday morning (June 24) as residents slept.

But no one has been extricated alive from the ruins of the oceanfront Champlain Towers South condo, in Surfside, Florida, adjacent to Miami Beach, since the early hours of the disaster on Thursday.

City officials announced that two more bodies were recovered on Monday (June 28), bringing the confirmed death toll to 11, while 150 people remained unaccounted for.

Given those numbers, the tragedy may end up ranking as the greatest loss of life from an unintentional structural failure in U.S. history.

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