These Dogs On TikTok Have Their Very Own Dog-Sized Living Room!


Peaches, Challah and Mitzi are living the life! These three mini dachshunds have the luxury of their very own living room equipped with couches, tables, chairs, lamps, plants, a TV and much more!

It Started Out As A Simple Living Room But Is Now More Extravagant

Ben Mazer

As reported by The Dodo last November, dog dad Ben Mazer didn't like leaving his dogs home alone because he feared they would get into something they shouldn't or get hurt. So he turned his spare bedroom into a stylish and functional mini living room to become the dog's safe haven.  At first, Mazer created a simple mini living room with couches, plants and some artwork. But over time, the living room took on a life of its own. Today, it's fully decked out in holiday decor in anticipation of Santa's arrival.

Mazer, otherwise known as The World's Best Dog Dad on TikTok, posted his first mini living room video in August 2021. It was simple, comfortable and the dog's seemed to love it. One of his early videos went viral with more than 5 million views.

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After seeing the amazing mini living room, one follower wrote, "Bro chill my dogs are on this app." Another person with the same idea added, "my dog sent me this." In the first viral video, viewers see all three dogs just chilling on the couch watching "Schitt's Creek" on their little television as Mazer walks into the room to show everyone just how small the contents of the living room actually are.

"They like 'excuse me sir, what are you doing in OUR house 😂,'" one person wrote in the comments. Another added, "ok but now I'm gonna turn my spare room into my cats apartment."

Ben Mazer Shared His Story On His Website

Ben Mazer

Mazer has a website set up with the story about how the living room came to be. "I first created the Mini Living Room for my three miniature dachshunds—Peaches, Challah, and Mitzi—in a spare bedroom of my house back in July of 2021. The original idea was to dedicate an entire room to my dogs in order to have an enclosed space where I could safely keep them while I’m not at home," his story begins.

"You see, the dachshund breed of dogs is known for their long, sausage-like shape. But in order to accommodate their shape, they have elongated spines with very short legs, which makes them highly susceptible to injuring their necks or backs, usually from jumping onto or off of human-sized furniture. In 2016 when my dog Peaches was only three years old, she sustained a severe neck injury after jumping off of a sofa while I was not home. I found her crying in excruciating pain and barely able to walk—which I soon learned was due to a devastating herniated disc pushing on her spinal cord in her neck."

Ben Mazer

His story continued to explain that the pup needed emergency surgery and luckily it was a success, and her pain was gone. "But ever since that incident, I have promised to do everything in my power to prevent my dogs from injuring themselves in the future. With that promise in mind, the Mini Living Room was created!" he explained.

And for people inspired by Mazer's dog living room and want to create one themselves, he sells many of the living room furniture and other items on his website.

The Living Room Decor Has Changed Over Time With New Additions

TikTok viewers get to see how the living room has evolved over time with new additions, including the pups getting their very own pets. Yes, you read that right! The three dogs are fish owners.

"YOUR PETS HAVE PETS!!! I am screaming!!!" one viewer wrote in the comments of the sweet video of Peaches meeting his pets for the first time. "Love it! Love it! Love it! Your dedication is beyond anything I have ever seen before!" said another follower.

In addition to the fish, some of the pup's furniture has been upgraded and new things added such a mini throw pillows, holiday and seasonal decor, and artwork. These pups even have their own mini outdoor patio with cabanas, a pool and a bar.

One viewer commented, "At this point they just need their own apartment!!" to which Mazer replied, "They aren’t ready to live on their own yet!! 😆" Another person pointed out, "The little lifeguard chair. 🥰🥰🥰" Many took to the comment section to ask where to get the small furniture and to say how much they love it all.

The Living Room Is Currently Decked Out In Holiday Decor

Now that the holiday season is upon us, the three pups are gearing up for Santa's arrival with a Christmas tree and other holiday decor, and new paint on the walls.

"I swear for a moment, it felt like we were looking into a bougie dollhouse and the weens were little figurines," one viewer wrote. Mazer replied, "That’s the optical illusion people always experience! It’s pretty weird, right?!"

Another viewer took to the comments to express a feeling that probably many others have had saying, "I’m coming back as your dog in my next lifetime 🥺😆❤️❤️❤️!!!"