DOJ is seeking further surveillance video from Mar-a-Lago, suggesting Trump may still have secret documents there: NYT

DOJ is seeking further surveillance video from Mar-a-Lago, suggesting Trump may still have secret documents there: NYT
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  • The New York Times reported that officials are seeking more evidence from Mar-a-Lago.

  • Per the paper, it could be because the think more classified documents are being kept there.

  • FBI agents retrieved vast numbers of records on August 8, sparking a political firestorm.

The FBI has subpoenaed more surveillance camera footage from Mar-a-Lago, The New York Times reported.

Per the outlet, this could be a sign that "officials are not certain whether they have recovered all the presidential records" from the former President Donald Trump's home.

The Times cited unnamed sources for the detail that officials are seeking additional footage, which it said came after the August 8 raid which removed dozens of boxes of material from Mar-a-Lago. The new subpoenas showed that officials were still scrutinizing Trump and his aides' handling of the documents before the search, sources told the publication.

Representatives for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The FBI declined to comment.

Trump's lawyers on Monday filed a legal request that the DOJ hand back some documents claiming they are privileged attorney-client material.

Trump has angrily insisted that he had the right to keep the documents there, and that he declassified them while still in office. That suggestion has been dismissed by former White House officials as untrue.

Trump has not said whether further records were still in Mar-a-Lago, though he has characterized the FBI search as extensive and invasive.

The raid itself came as a consequence of an earlier incomplete returns of documents. In January 2022, Trump voluntarily returned some 15 boxes that the National Archives had requested back.

Under the Presidential Records Act, Trump and other former presidents do not own any of the records created by their administration, and must return them all on leaving office.

A second handover took place in June 2022 after a subpoena linked to a grand jury, according to CNN and other outlets.

It was only later that new information prompted the DOJ to seek the warrant that was executed on August 8 to bring back the additional troves of documents, according to earlier Times reports. 

In total, the Times reported, some 300 classified documents were taken Mar-a-Lago this year.

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