DOJ unveils massive indictment accusing 5 Floridians of attacking 7 police officers during Capitol riot

Five Floridians were arrested and charged last week in connection to the Capitol attack in one of the largest indictments stemming from the insurrection to date.

Prosecutors say the defendants, all from the Tampa Bay area, attacked and assaulted a line of police officers several times while outside the Capitol on January 6. Court documents say the defendants used riot shields and flagpoles to hit officers in the head and neck and later punched, kicked, and elbowed officers.

The Justice Department unveiled the indictment on Thursday.

Jonathan Pollock, 21 Olivia Pollock, 30, Joshua Doolin, 22, Joseph Hutchinson III, 25, and Michael Perkins, 37, were arrested and charged last week. In court on Thursday, Doolin, Hutchinson, and Olivia Pollock pleaded not guilty and were released from jail on home detention or with GPS monitoring, CNN reported.

Prosecutors asked a judge to keep at least one of the defendants detained.

Shortly before 2:00 p.m. on January 6, Jonathan Pollock was caught on body-worn camera footage and other publicly available video charging toward a line of police officers while brandishing flagpoles, according to an affidavit.

A photo of Jonathon Pollock yelling.
Jonathon Pollock. The Department of Justice

While trying to push through a metal barricade, Jonathan Pollock screamed "Let's go!" while Hutchinson pulled back the fence in order to allow other rioters access to the line of police officers, court documents said. Jonathon Pollock then assaulted three police officers punching and pushing one in the neck, kneeling and punching another in the face, and pulling a third down stairs, according to The Justice Department.

As the metal barriers were overrun by protesters around 2:00 p.m., a line of police officers was all that remained between the pro-Trump mob and the Capitol. According to the affidavit, Hutchinson charged the line of officers and began punching them, while Jonathan Pollock fought an officer for his riot shield before pushing him down the steps. Once Jonathan Pollock obtained the riot shield, prosecutors say he charged toward officers and slammed into them. Perkins, meanwhile, grabbed a flagpole and shoved it into an officer's chest, before holding the pole over his head and hitting an officer in the back of the head, legal documents say.

An FBI "Most Wanted" posting for Joseph Hutchinson III.
Joseph Hutchinson III The Department of Justice.

The defendant's assault of the officers continued as Jonathan Pollock grabbed another riot shield, shoving it into an officer's throat, and Hutchinson began kicking the line of officers, prosecutors allege. Moments later, Olivia Pollock joined the fight, carrying an American flag flagpole and punching a stumbling officer, court documents said. She attempted to take an officer's baton and elbowed the officer in the chest after she failed to acquire it, prosecutors said.

A photo of Olivia Pollock at the Capitol riot.
Olivia Pollock. The Department of Justice.

Just before 3:00 p.m., the five defendants had made their way to the ledge of the upper west terrace, where Jonathan Pollock once more shouted "Let's go," before attempting to pull a police officer over the railings, the affidavit said.

Michael Perkins holding a Trump flag.
Michael Perkins. The Department of Justice

Doolin, who was seen with zip-tie handcuffs and a riot-control chemical canister on his person, according to prosecutors, is not accused of assaulting any officers.

Joshua Doolin at the Capitol attack.
Joshua Doolin. The Department of Justice.

More than 550 people have been arrested and charged in connection to the deadly Capitol attack so far.

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