Doja Cat Announces Return Of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza, Proves She's Undefeated

Doja Cat proved once again that she’s a GOAT in the making by helping to bring back one of Taco Bell’s most beloved treats. The rapper announced that the Mexican pizza was returning.

As Blavity previously reported, Doja Cat shared her love for Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza on TikTok, where she posted a video of her rapping a verse about the menu item.

“Hi, I made a song about Mexican Pizza because I love it so much. I wish that Taco Bell didn’t discontinue it a year ago and this led me to this monstrosity of a beat that I just made,” she said. “I made a verse and I hope you like it—and if you don’t, I understand. So let’s go.”

The rapper then played a beat and dropped some pretty fire bars about Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza. Doja Cat included the rap’s lyrics in the video, and they’re pretty catchy.

“I got beans, I need meat, I need a shell with the sauce and cheese,” she raps. She continues, saying that she “end you if you ever go discontinued,” and that the menu item “ain’t even Mexican food” but she still loves it, especially at 2 AM.

The video, which the rapper posted on March 9, blew up on TikTok, garnering over 34 million views and 8 million likes. But the funny rap’s true power was realized today on Sunday night, Complex reports. While on stage at Coachella, the “Woman” rapper announced that Taco Bell is bringing the Mexican Pizza will be back on the menu starting May 19.

“We finally did it, the Mexican Pizza is coming back on 5/19,” she wrote in a tweet about the good news. She even changed her twitter name to “WE BROUGHT THE MEXICAN PIZZA BACK.”

A press release sent to Blavity that shares the return of the Mexican Pizza mentions the rapper in the announcement.

“While rumors of the Mexican Pizza’s return have been swirling for months, it hasn’t been publicly confirmed, until now. From petitions, to memorials, to merch, the Taco Bell cult has (rightfully) been all but silent about its menu hiatus. Doja Cat, the voice of
the Taco Bell people, was one of the first to confirm the news this past weekend, when she literally dropped the mic with the HOT news of the Mexican Pizza’s return this May.”

The statement goes on to say that while the rapper was a major player in the menu item’s comeback, it wasn’t the only factor responsible for its return.

“Equally vocal with their pleas for the menu items return were 200K+ signers of a Change.Org petition, spearheaded by superfan Krish Jagirdar,” Taco Bell explains in the press release. “Leading up to the May 19 return, fans can expect even more ways to get involved with its historical return.”

Here’s hoping Mexican Pizza’s return to Taco Bell inspires Doja Cat to drop another food-inspired song.