'Dollface' is the Hulu Series You Should Know About


Did you know that besides starring in the upcoming, "Bombshell," and, "Birds of Prey," Margot Robbie has also been producing a TV series? Well, she has, and the program is set to begin streaming on Hulu today. The show is called, "Dollface," and centers around Jules (Kat Denning) who must (both literally and figuratively) return to the land of women post a major break up. Humor and a few heartfelt conversations ensue. And all the fun takes place along with three friends and many guest stars.


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Brenda Song

Not all of the Disney nostalgia is taking place over on Disney Plus. Brenda Song, the American actress best known for her many years on the Disney Channel series, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," will star alongside Kat Dennings in "Dollface," on Hulu. She will learn the importance of women's friendships as Madison Maxwell, one of the four main ladies taking a journey in the land of women, starting today on the streaming platform.

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell will make the transition from the "Freeform" hit, "Pretty Little Liars," to star on the new Hulu series as, Stella Cole. She will be the college best friend of Brenda Song's character, described as a free spirit. Mitchell actually replaces original cast member, Lex Scott Davis, who departed the show after being originally cast as Stella. This is Mitchell's first lead role in a comedy series, so it remains to be seen if her dramatic fans from "Pretty Little Liars" will make the transition with her.

Esther Povitsky

Esther Povitsky rounds out main four in "Dollface". The comedian will portray, Izzy. Already having proven her comedy chops on, "Crazy Ex- Girlfriend"she's an excellent addition to the regular line up of actresses on the new Hulu show. But part of the fun of the new show will be its plethora o guest stars, including producer Margot Robbie herself. Who else is there to look forward to in the ten-episode season premiering today? Well here are a few you may have heard of ...

Guest Stars

Never watched "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"? Looking for a different throwback on "Dollface" than Brenda Song? Well, it just so happens Macaulay Culkin will be making an appearance. Looking for even more nostalgic faces? Make sure you are prepared to see Joey Lawrence show up, along with Dave Coulier (Full House, anyone?). And how about a special 25th anniversary "Friends" surprise as Christina Pickles shows up. (For those of you with questions, that's Ross and Monica's mother). Don't miss any of them.