Dolly Parton has new Scrooge-style Christmas movie

Dolly Parton plays an angel trying to help Christine Baranski's Scrooge-like character in Netflix's upcoming "Christmas on the Square." Though filled with Parton's signature rhinestones, cheerful dance numbers and plenty of laughs, the film also highlights the problem with wealth disparities, a topic Parton is particularly passionate about. (Nov. 12)

Video Transcript


(SINGING) Christmas is a time for caring, being at your best.

DOLLY PARTON: We don't pay enough attention to the people that don't have as much as others. And that's what this little movie was kind of about. There are many people with just crumbs on their table.

And I think that this has been a hard year for everybody. And hopefully, there's going to be, you know, more crumbs, good crumbs, bigger crumbs, you know, on the tables this year. We've really wanted to touch people with the dialogue and with lyrics in the songs that would really-- where people could identify, certainly this year.

- The deadline to be out of your homes is now Christmas Eve.

JEANINE MASON: So much of being on that set was watching these four women, in particular, be at the peak of their careers having sustained that for so long and making interesting choices all along. It was so amazing, such a gift to get to watch them work. And I hope I can just bring that with me to everything I do.


(SINGING) Angels fly cause they take themselves lightly.

DEBBIE ALLEN: We're in another world right now. And we're all in another world. And we're just excited to be bringing all of this joy to the world at this time.


(SINGING) Oh, what joyful [INAUDIBLE]. That's what Christmas is.