Is Dolly Parton's Sister A Racist? Here Are Her Comments— You Decide

Stella Parton performs at Bush Hall on January 21, 2017 in London, England.
Stella Parton performs at Bush Hall on January 21, 2017 in London, England.

Stella Parton, the country singer who is the younger sister of Dolly Parton, has recently made headlines for her racist commentary because she is, well, a racist. Stella lives in Tennessee and most of her remarks are about both state politics and national issues. The Daily Beast ran a report about her despicable antics which began in February.

“Once I had a next door neighbor/ white guy steal mail from my box and forge my checks that I had used to pay my monthly bills. The police did nothing. How racist is that? It’s human rights,” Parton said on Twitter last month. “We all have rights and when someone violates your human rights it’s a crime against you!”

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“It was three white police officers who assaulted my human rights in my home,” she continued. “Does that also make me a racist?” In a different thread, she exclaimed:

“There’s also a hell of a lot of reverse discrimination in this country as well. When is the last time black people have included or stood up for the indigenous/native Americans in this country? It’s all a me me me mentality in America. White people aren’t all evil and I resent that accusation from my perspective. Many of us believe in equality for all.”

But Parton didn’t stop there—she couldn’t help herself from chiming in on the killing of Tyre Nichols:

“Memphis Tennessee had five black cops in a (special) group beat and murder a young innocent black kid for no reason. They lied and said he was driving reckless. Total officers fired was seven, all black. Was this a race crime or evil running loose m [sic]? Black comedians get…up and joke about using the N word but whites can’t use it. They think that’s hilarious. How is that for making things better? Some white people are trying to make things better but what about a lil help?”

Earlier this month, Parton recommended the book Race-Baiter by Eric Deegans to her followers. When asked about her bigotry, she claims she was hacked. Dolly, on the other hand, has supported and donated Black Lives Matter. She could not be reached for comment on her sibling’s infuriating behavior.

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