Dolph Ziggler Tackles Classic Welsh Cuisine Ahead Of WWE's Clash At The Castle

Ahead of WWE’s Clash at the Castle event in Cardiff, Wales, Dolph Ziggler got the opportunity to travel to the UK a bit early to get acclimated with the culture, especially the food.

Ziggler met up with famous Welsh actor, Ieuan Rhys, who showed him around the city and introduced him to his first special Welsh cheeses and meats.

He commented on the fact that the Welsh cheeses seemed “Powdery at first, but then smooth out.” Who knew Dolph Ziggler was such a cheese connoisseur?

Following the cheese, Ziggler got to taste a more unique Welsh dish called, Laverbread and Cockles. Although Ziggler was clearly turned off by the mushy look of the dish, he acknowledged it is known as a delicacy in the UK and went for it anyway. Ziggler gave fans a taste of his humor with jokes about how healthy the food is as well as its taste and texture. Although The Show Off wasn’t a huge fan of Laverbread and Cockles, he was a big fan of the meat, peas and gravy dish.

“If you’re outside in the cold, this will warm you up. You can’t always just have a little flask in your pocket that warms you up,” said Ziggler.

Finally, Ziggler tried some dessert with both a Clark’s Pie and a Welsh Cake. He loved them both, especially the Welsh Cake, which was freshly made right in front of him.

Ziggler and Rhys gave fans a cool opportunity to learn about Welsh cuisine as well as feel immersed in the culture of the UK, even if it was just for a quick moment. It surely got us excited for Clash at the Castle!

Make sure to tune in to Clash at the Castle, on September 3rd on Peacock to catch WWE’s first stadium show in the UK in decades.

You can watch the full video of Ziggler and Rhys here!