Dolphins To Host Live NFL Draft Party At Hard Rock Stadium

CBS4's Jim Berry shares how that'll work in the age of COVID. Read more:

Video Transcript

- We have some good news tonight from Miami Dolphin fans. The team's annual NFL draft party at Rock stadium is back on. CBS for sports anchor Jim Barrett has the details. Jim.

- That is right Eliot. Mark your calendar Thursday night, April 29. The pinstripe party will be back on for day one of the NFL's draft. And there was no such event last year as we know he has a 2020.

The NFL draft was virtual. Commissioner Roger Goodell was in his den. And when the Dolphins took to tour, with the fifth overall pick. Well, Tua was relaxing in his living room.

But now, like a couple of years ago, the NFL draft is going back live. In fact, this year it's going to be in Cleveland. And up to 5,000 Dolphins will be allowed in the Rock stadium for the team's draft night party.

You will not be shoulder to shoulder like this. It is being set up as a socially distant event. And everyone who attends must wear a mask. But these are the same protocol that the Dolphins have used this season, when fans showed up for the regular season games.

This year's draft party, the dolphin alumni and analysts are going to be on hand to break down the finish choices and run one. Right now, the team has two first round picks at 6. And at 18, and Elliott, I'm ashamed to say that so far GM, Chris Grier and head coach Brian Flores have not called me to ask me my opinion on what they should do.

I don't know what's taking them so long. But we know they need a receiver.

- I was going to say. I was going to say. A receiver from Clemson or Alabama. Who's the guy that you like so much.

- I like Jama'a Chase actually from LSU. I like that guy a lot. But you know what, anybody from Alabama, Clemson you couldn't go wrong there. They all say a pass rusher Greg was from UM.

You want me to keep going. There are a lot of good guys out there Dolphins. So don't blow it this year, please.

- Let's hope not. Jim, thank you very much. We are the official home of the Miami Dolphins watch party. Draft 2021 on Saturday, May 1st at 7:00 PM. Our one hour special, hosted by Jim Barry. Along with Mike Cunio Kimbo Camper and John Congemi right here on CBS 4. I cannot wait.