Vegan disgusted after 'sickening' find in her Domino's pizza

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

Ordering a pizza direct to your door has become a standard Saturday night tradition for many.

But when you’ve waited for your box of deliciousness to be prepared, baked, and delivered – only to realise you’re not be able to eat it – can ruin your weekend.

That was the case for one Australian woman who said she ordered a vegan pizza that arrived with an extra ingredient that made her “feel sick”.

What should have been a Domino's vegan pizza arrived with pieces of salami hidden under the toppings, a Sydney woman claims. Source: Facebook

The young woman posted a picture of what should have been a vegetable pizza to a local Vegan Facebook group, which she claims was ordered from Domino’s Gymea in south Sydney.

The picture appeared to show a chunk of meat embedded under the veggies.

“Disgusted,” the woman wrote.

“Here’s your daily reminder to not order food from dominoes (sic).

“Whether purposely or accidentally, I found multiple chunks of salami hidden under the vegan cheese and I genuinely feel sick to my stomach.

“Do yourself a favour and don’t order pizzas here, you hear way too many stories like this.”

While the woman said she reported the incident to the store, she wanted to share her experience with the group to “warn” others.

The Domino's Vegorama pizza (pictured) is meant to come with mushrooms, feta, spinach, capsicum, and tomato, but a customer received chicken on his. Source: Domino's

More vegans find meat in their Domino’s pizza

Her post was met with horror stories from other vegans who shared similar pizza disappointments.

“OMG the same happened to me. Bacon on my vegan pizza at Rose Bay,” another wrote.

Others said they asked for their pizzas to be cut with a fresh knife, or to leave the pizza uncut, to avoid cross contamination.

Just two days earlier, a West Australian man reported receiving two kinds of meat on the vegetarian pizza he ordered for some mates.

“Hey guys. The vegorama pizza I just ordered for our non meat eating friends has a few elements that I’m not sure are correct,” he wrote on the Domino's Australia Facebook page Thursday.

“Notably chicken [and] bacon. Some hungry folks at our place tonight,” he said.

A Domino’s representative responded to his post to apologise and ask for some more details, saying: “That definitely isn’t good to hear! Everyone should be able to enjoy a delicious meal.”

The customer later updated the thread thanking the pizza chain for resolving his issue with the order.

Domino's has apologised for the mistake of adding meat to a vegan pizza. Source: Getty, file

Domino’s apologises for vegan pizza error

Domino’s has apologised for adding meat to the Gymea woman’s pizza, calling it an “inadvertent mistake”.

A spokesperson for the pizza chain confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the local franchisee resolved the issue directly with the customer on the night of her order and provided an immediate refund and replacement.

“Domino’s takes our responsibility seriously to deliver meals that meet our customers’ expectations,” the spokesperson added.

“We have specific procedures in place for customers with vegan or allergen requirements, including using fresh gloves and cutting blades for their order.

“We are proud of our work leading the way in providing vegan and vegetarian customers more choice.”