Don Julio’s Latest Bottling Is Its Best Yet

Don Julio
Don Julio

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Remember the first time you had tequila? No, of course not, because we don’t talk about that night. To most people, tequila is either a love affair or a bitter break-up where even hearing the name is enough to make you gag. But me personally? Love it. Can’t get enough of the stuff…. until I’ve had too much of it. Recently, I was able to taste the new bottling of a special tequila from Don Julio and I want you to know that it was better than the stuff I normally get when I order my “tequila, soda, with lime please” at the bars around here.

If you’re wondering why this bottle of tequila is so important, it’s because it was the final agave harvest that the literal Don Julio himself planted back in 2006. I didn’t know this before, but unlike the fictional Cap’t Morgan, Don Julio González was like—an actual person. This guy started from nothing and totally broke the mold to create Mexico’s first luxury tequila brand that has become an international staple in quality of spirit.

So for the 80th anniversary of the brand, Don Julio released their most premium tequila to date, the Ultima Reserva. This Extra-Añejo tequila rested in ex-bourbon oak barrels during its 36-month maturation period before finally being bottled. To preserve this tequila and the exquisite agave piñas behind it, the team of experts at Don Julio implemented a Solera aging method, which combines and matures tequilas of different characteristics and ages, allowing Don Julio González’s final agave harvest to remain at the heart of this rare tequila. This means over 15 years of planning went into this bottle!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to visit the Don Julio distillery in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. We toured the agave fields and saw from start-to-finish how much craftsmanship goes into each bottle of tequila that Don Julio produces. To actually see the process firsthand has totally revitalized me and now I regret every time I've ever complained when a friend surprise bought tequila shots when it was supposed to be a “chill night out.”

While on my trip to Mexico to see where Don Julio’s legacy continues to prevail, I was again fortunate enough to taste all of the brand’s tequila lineup. To keep the story short and not let my boss know how drunk I got on company time, I can say that tasting the Ultima Reserva was unlike any tequila my broke-ass has ever had before. Each sip was so smooth and flavorful I couldn’t even believe it was liquor. They are only producing 4000 bottles of this stuff so if you’re interested in having a sip of the good life, well then what are you waiting for?

Tasting Notes:

Color: Beautifully golden in color with shiny hues.

Nose: A mature aroma featuring notes of toasted oak and caramel

Taste: Exceptionally balanced with hints of apricot and orange

Finish: Deliciously smooth honeyed agave finish

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