Don Lemon Tears Into Donald Trump After Revealing Close Friend Died Of Coronavirus

CNN’s Don Lemon on Monday tore into President Donald Trump’s “epic meltdown” during the day’s coronavirus task force briefing, revealing that his close friend, the LGBTQ advocate Robby Browne, died from the virus over the weekend.

Lemon called out Trump, who falsely declared during the briefing that the president’s “authority is total,” for making it “all about defending himself, gaslighting, rewriting history, instead of giving Americans the facts that we all need to save our own lives and the lives of people that we love.”

“I lost a very good friend this weekend. I wanted to hear from the president how he is going to stop that from happening,” said Lemon. “Instead, I got a campaign video. What do I need a campaign video for?”

“I want to know how you’re going to stop my loved ones from dying. I don’t need a campaign video, Mr. President,” Lemon continued. “How are you going to keep friends and loved ones from dying? It is crystal clear from what happened today what the president’s top priority is, defending himself rather than focusing on the health and well-being of the American people.”

Check out the segment here:

And Lemon’s tribute to Browne here:


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