Don Lemon Gets Testy With Chuck Schumer Over Comment On Biden Docs Coverage

CNN host Don Lemon went after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) for indicating that the network wanted to “buzz around” about President Joe Biden’s classified documents case. (You can watch Lemon’s response below.)

The heated moment came toward the end of a week marked by reports of classified document discoveries at Biden’s home and in an office he used, in a matter that has sparked a special counsel investigation.

Lawyers found more documents during another search of his home library, the White House said on Saturday. While the White House had previously announced that Biden’s personal lawyers found one document there on Wednesday, a White House lawyer said he found additional pages when there on Thursday, resulting in six total pages from the library.

Lemon fired back at Schumer on Friday’s “CNN This Morning” program, telling him that the handling of classified material by the president is “serious stuff.”

“It’s not just, hold on, it’s not just us buzzing around — you’re the Democratic head of the Senate,” said Lemon after Schumer remarked that all the hosts want to do is “buzz around” on the case.

“This is a really important issue. It’s not just buzzing around. This is serious stuff.”

Schumer said prosecutors will get to the bottom of the matter and suggested that if there wasn’t a special counsel there’d be a “different thing to say” on the situation.

“I think we should have a special prosecutor on each,” said Schumer regarding both Biden’s case and former President Donald Trump’s case involving classified materials at Mar-a-Lago.

“I don’t mind [that] you’re asking these questions, but my view is I’m not going to say anything. Let the special prosecutors do their job,” the Senate Democratic leader said.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow later asked the Democrat what he would like to see the White House do in regard to it initially addressing documents discovered in November and not those discovered in December, a finding that was made public after the White House’s acknowledgment.

You can watch Harlow’s question to Schumer and his response around the 0:53 mark in the video below.

H/T Mediaite