You don’t appreciate American freedoms? Why don’t you move to North Korea, then?

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At least we don’t have Harris

Given President Joe Biden’s inept handling of the Afghanistan crisis, how long do you think it will take for Russian President Vladimir Putin to grab the rest of Ukraine and the Baltic states while he’s in the mood? And China has to be thinking, “We can grab Taiwan and Nepal and he may not even comprehend that we did it!” Unfortunately, the country would be even worse off if Vice President Kamala Harris were the puppet in the presidency.

- Bill Jesberg, Grapevine

I appreciate every freedom I enjoy

Regarding John Crisp’s column Wednesday, “Another life lost, a victim of our freedom fetish” (15A): I am sure citizens of China, Cuba and North Korea would love to be as passionate as many other Americans and I are about keeping our freedoms.

I’m sick of people hating America and our love of freedom and our desire to control our lives and medical decisions. People trying to deny us our God-given freedoms should move to countries that control every facet of their people’s life. Then, they might fight to keep every freedom we should have.

- Melissa Myers, Grapevine

You made race part of the story

Regarding the Thursday Star-Telegram editorial, “Why is Colleyville Heritage’s Black principal on leave?” (9A) on Colleyville Heritage High School principal James Whitfield, why was it necessary to identify him as Black in the headline? To assume “things appear bad for the school district” because it placed him on leave? To call Whitfield an “admired Black principal” and say the district overreacted to him defending himself?

Irresponsible pieces like this show that the Star-Telegram tries to force racially motivated actions into every possible story.

- Bob Cosby, Fort Worth

I don’t feel one bit sorry for her

I couldn’t believe my eyes at Thursday’s front-page story “Restrictive new abortion law takes effect in Texas,” about the new abortion law taking effect in Texas and how Marva Sadler worked until almost midnight to provide services. What services? Say it: She was helping to kill innocent babies in the wombs of women. Are we to feel sorry for her?

Later, the article mentioned a physician who was in tears. He was losing his gravy train for decades of abortions. Hey, Doctor, how about trying now to save lives?

- John L. Rotundo, Fort Worth

Schoolchildren in harm’s way

Thursday’s front-page articles about the Cook Children’s health care system (”COVID surge, exhausted staff stretch Cook Children’s resources”) and the new abortion law provided an almost comical look at Gov. Greg Abbott’s decisions. Cook Children has reported a doubling of the number of emergency cases because of COVID-19. Remember that Abbott issued an executive order prohibiting school districts from enacting mask mandates to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.

On the abortion law, President Joe Biden stated his administration would defend the rights of Roe v. Wade while Abbott celebrated the law and proclaimed, “No freedom is more precious than life itself.”

Our esteemed governor shouldn’t be choosing which kid’s life is more important.

- Patrick Jenkins, Arlington

We can see who gets priority here

All the cries of “freedom” in our state, yet it does not apply to a choice for abortion. I guess the babies and children of Texas who have already been born, especially the school-age children, are not as politically relevant as the unborn.

- Karen Boelkins, Lakeside

The well-being of all Texans? Nope

Gov. Greg Abbott tells us that “no freedom is more precious than life itself.” Under Abbott, Texas has the highest percentage of people with no health insurance and ranks high in the number of teen births. Don’t look for any help from the state, unless you are a company asking for tax abatements.

Texas ranks poorly in the percentage of residents in poverty and the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s ranks for overall child well-being.

If Abbott really cared about every one of us, wouldn’t he do everything possible to improve these numbers?

- David Jones, Arlington

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