Don’t Let the Pandemic Ruin Your Easter Fun—Here’s How You Can Still Celebrate

Don't Let the Pandemic Ruin Your Easter Fun—Here's How You Can Still Celebrate.The normal opportunities may not be around this year, but you can still enjoy your favorite Easter traditions—with a few modifications:.If you do have fresh eggs at home, you might want to preserve them for eating, not decorating or crafting.Instead, consider using Styrofoam eggs or another type of crafting egg, and these eggs can be ordered straight to your door.Setting the kids loose on a field or playground dotted with eggs isn't really social distancing, especially if you do it with several other families.Instead, if your home and yard have lots of space, tuck eggs around your house for your kids to find.The overflowing Easter baskets of years past may not be possible this year, either because money is tight or you're unable to visit stores.To provide Easter gifts for kids, focus on digital gifts that you can use in the moment: Buy or download a new movie or game for them to enjoy at home

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