Don’t Lose Millions – Why You Must Hire the Best Trial Lawyer for Your High Value Matter

Approximately 97% of civil lawsuits settle or are dismissed before trial. A settlement means the parties have agreed to resolve a lawsuit before a trial (whether before a jury or a judge.) It typically involves the Defendant (or the insurance company) agreeing to pay the Plaintiff injured party a sum of money in exchange for a release of all claims and an end to the lawsuit. The other 3% of civil lawsuits go to trial where a jury or judge determines the value of the claims or injuries.

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So whether by settlement or a trial, this raises the obvious question of how is the value of your claims determined? Imagine this basic but powerful analogy. You have a very valuable unique piece of art worth $10 million. The reality is that only a handful of art galleries can get you the highest value for this art. If you go to your neighborhood art store or even a large retailer of art, they may not even see the true value let alone be able to sell it for its true value. You may go to one of these flashy stores that seem to know what they are doing and they are able to sell your art for $1 million. But, had you gone to that ultra exclusive art dealer that only sells art worth $5 million or more and who all the buyers know they have to pay top dollar to get this one of a kind art, you could have sold your art for $10 million. Worse yet, you sell your art for $1 million with the flashy big store not knowing you actually lost $9 million!

This frightening scenario is the stark reality of hiring the wrong or just any lawyer to handle your major injury civil lawsuit. It is even more disheartening that you were seriously harmed by another and it is your need for full justice that brought you to the lawyer. Do not compound your harm by hiring the wrong lawyer and settling your case (or getting a jury verdict) for substantially less than what it is worth.

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Make no mistake about it. Enrolling others in the real value of claims or injuries in a civil lawsuit is an art form. Realistically, only a few lawyers can get outlier or extraordinary results not based on the past or what other lesser skilled or qualified attorneys get through settlement or trial.

So, what lawyers are considered the ultra-exclusive sellers of rare art that can get substantially more for you than other lawyers? Lawyers that go to trial and win. Why? Because defendants and insurance companies know that it is before a jury that Plaintiffs with the best of the best trial lawyers can win that impossible case and get record setting verdicts. Defendants and insurance companies know these trial lawyers eat, sleep, breathe and live to go to trial and the only way to avoid that is to pay top dollar to resolve the case before trial. Defendants and insurance companies know these trial lawyers are virtuosos at persuading jurors as to legal responsibility and the true value of intangible but human losses like losing the lifetime of love of a child. Defendants and insurance companies should fear your lawyer’s abilities.

So, ask any lawyer you are considering how many trials they have done, their actual results, how were those results compared to other lawyers, how difficult was the case, and the nature and amounts of settlements they have obtained.

It is a fact that successful trial lawyers not only get substantially more than other lawyers but they also can get substantially more if not millions more than other lawyers in settlements.

One unique but effective way to select the best trial lawyer for your matter is to ask a known mediator who they think is the best of the best. A mediator is typically a retired judge, lawyer or other professional that facilitates settlement of civil disputes. They know who is feared by insurance companies and who commands top dollar for settlements.

The best trial lawyers are also next level negotiators and appraisers. They can enroll jurors or insurance companies during settlement as to the unique value of your claims or the high stake risks.

So, remember. The difference between an ordinary lawyer and an experienced trial lawyer has everything to do with how much money you recover. Just like selling that very valuable unique piece of art worth $10 million for only $1 million, an ordinary lawyer may settle your case for $1 million not even knowing he/she could recover the $10 million a real experienced trial lawyer can recover. Don’t lose millions by hiring the wrong lawyer.

The Homampour Law Firm is considered one of the premier law firms in California. Under the leadership of Arash Homampour, the 5th ranked lawyer in Southern California by Super Lawyers, the firm is considered one of the top trial law firms in the State with record setting verdicts (twelve 8 figure and fifteen 7 figure verdicts) and outlier settlements. The firm has a stellar reputation as the best of the best and one other lawyers seek out to handle their clients most serious matters.

The Homampour Law Firm is a 9-attorney boutique law firm that exclusively handles large value matters (catastrophic injury/wrongful death, insurance bad faith and employment matters.) They will take on anyone and have successfully handled matters (including through trials and appeal) against many large corporations and municipalities (Daimler, Allstate, Sunbeam, State of California, etc.) Arash Homampour has also successfully argued before the California Supreme Court. He also speaks, teaches, and writes articles about everything law related. He has received many awards including multiple trial lawyer of the year awards and he was the recipient of CAALA’s 2018 Ted Horn Memorial Award, presented to a lawyer who has provided outstanding service to the Association and the legal community.

Arash Homampour gives back daily by teaching and helping other lawyers to be the best lawyer they can be. He also started a non-profit, There is a Light Foundation, that will give financial assistance and grants to individuals so they can get to the next level in their life.

If you’re looking for the best of the best trial lawyers, contact The Homampour Law Firm today.