‘Don’t be stupid!’ Blac Chyna goes on vaccine rant at Miami airport, video shows

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Blac Chyna had a very public meltdown about vaccines at Miami International Airport Sunday night.

The rapper is actually in favor of the jab, as evidenced in a wild video taken by an onlooker and posted by TMZ.

The 33 year old also did an Instagram live while she was getting her first Moderna administered a few months back.

In the clip, Blac Chyna, wearing a multi-colored jumpsuit, purple wig and sunglasses (but no mask) is seen ranting and cursing.

At one point the single mom yells, “Go get f–king vaccinated! Stop being stupid!!”

“Oh my god,” says someone off camera. Others laugh and try to look away.

The rapper born Angela White continues on her soapbox, yelling at the top of her lungs that she is doing a lot of flying, from Washington, D.C. to Miami to Los Angeles.

A fellow traveler told the site that the problems began after a fan approached Chyna for a selfie in the terminal. The singer asked the woman who was holding a baby if she was vaccinated, and things soon began to spiral, but police were reportedly not called.

It’s unclear if the former stripper was directing her ire at the original fan or at other anti-vaxxers at MIA.

In another video captured by a Tik Tok user, the Washington, D.C., native appears calmer, almost maternal.

“Go get checked out,” she says to someone off camera. “It’s sad, and it really blows the f--k outta me.”

The singer stands her ground while trying to drive home her point about mandatory vaccinations in schools.

“Go get the shot! It’s the same thing that you have to, like, do to enroll your kids,” Chyna says. “This is why people’s grandparents are dying and s--t!”

On Instagram the former stripper recently announced a new content creation platform similar to Only Fans called Only Baddies, so that may be why she’s logging so many miles.

During her stop back home in D.C., perhaps Rob Kardashian’s ex can pop into the White House and volunteer to be on a committee to convince hesitant Americans to get the COVID shot.