Trump fretted that he looked like a 'pink, 3-year-old baby' in a video, Kellyanne Conway says in her new book

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Donald Trump, left, and Kellyanne Conway.
Former President Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway.Getty Images
  • In 2016, Trump was upset about his appearance in a video, Kellyanne Conway writes in her new book.

  • "'Kellyanne, tell them I look like a pink, three-year-old baby,'" he said, according to the book.

  • Trump, then a presidential candidate, had told the makeup artist "not to go near him," she writes.

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump, a candidate at the time, had been recording videos for events that he couldn't attend in person, and he didn't like the way the recordings made him look.

He called Kellyanne Conway, his pollster and senior advisor, into his office, where she found "a dozen anxious-looking people" and a hair-and-makeup artist who Trump had just told "not to go near him," Conway writes in her book released Tuesday, "Here's the Deal: A Memoir."

"I could tell immediately he was in a fit of pique," she writes. "'Look at that,' he said to me, motioning toward a video monitor. 'Why am I pink? Who hired you people? Kellyanne, tell them I look like a pink, three-year-old baby.'"

Conway writes that she thought to herself, "I've had babies. I've had three-year-olds. They were sorta pink. Let me see what we can do about this."

Trump asked everyone but Conway to leave when the recording wrapped. After an extended conversation about the campaign, Trump offered Conway the campaign manager's job. She would become the first woman to run a winning presidential campaign.

But on that day, she told Trump they should talk about it again the next day, giving Trump a chance to rethink his offer, she writes.

"'Okay, honey,' he said as I reached for the office door," she writes. "'Leave it open, Kel,' he added, a harbinger of things to come. 'This is going to be great.'"

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