Donald Trump Jr calls Cassidy Hutchinson a ‘coffee girl’ in attack on her Jan 6 testimony

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Donald Trump Jr has joined the chorus of allies of his father in claiming that the January 6 committee witness Cassidy Hutchinson made up her testimony.

The ex-president’s eldest son went further, referring to the former aide to President Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff Mark Meadows as a “coffee girl”.

He also accused her of perjuring herself — in relation to claims circulating online and on right-wing media that Secret Service agents and former White House officials are willing to testify that Ms Hutchinson made false claims under oath.

Mr Trump Jr posted on Truth Social: “It’s pretty surreal watching the CNNs of the world still pretending that there aren’t multiple actual witnesses willing to testify that the fake bombshell hearsay testimony they’re salivating over isn’t demonstrably false and that their dream witness/coffee girl perjured herself!”

His father also took to his social media platform reposting a “Truth” from alt-right activist Jack Posobiec that reads: “Multiple sources including one who was at the WH on Jan 6 tell me Cipollone was not there in the am when Hutchinson testified she spoke with him. J6 Cmtes is aware of this discrepancy & are ignoring media inquiries about it. Seems she made up the entire conversation.”

The former president added: “Her whole story was made up, including the fact that I wanted guns to be standing all around me, during my speech. Who would want that?!”

Mr Trump was referring to Ms Hutchinson’s testimony that he wanted armed supporters to be allowed into his rally ahead of the Capitol riot by asking the magnetometers to be removed.

“They’re not here to hurt me. Take the [f***ing] mags away. Let my people in. They can march to the Capitol from here,” Ms Hutchinson remembered the president saying.

In an interview with Newsmax recorded after the bombshell testimony from the former West Wing aide, Mr Trump took particular issue with a story she had been told on 6 January 2021 that the president had lunged at a Secret Service agent and tried to grab the wheel of an SUV he was being driven in.

“Is there something wrong with her?” Mr Trump said. “She said I jumped from a car and I started stranging, think of this, I started strangling a Secret Service agent who I know very well?”

He added that she was a “social climber” and was living in “Fantasy land”.