Donald Trump Jr claims he’s Covid free days after announcing infection

Gino Spocchia
Donald Trump Jr and Kimberley Guilfoyle (Donald Trump Jr / Instagram)
Donald Trump Jr and Kimberley Guilfoyle (Donald Trump Jr / Instagram)

Donald Trump Jr has claimed to no longer have the coronavirus and celebrated Thanksgiving, despite contracting the disease only last week.

The US president’s oldest child shared the news on Instagram on Wednesday and said doctors had given him the all clear, but did not say whether he had tested negative for Covid-19.

Mr Trump had announced last Friday that he had caught the coronavirus, which typically requires individuals to enter a 14-day quarantine period.

Standing alongside his partner, American attorney and former TV presenter Kimberly Guilfoyle, he told supporters: “I got cleared. I’m happy to be healthy. We get to spend Thanksgiving the way it's meant to be.”

“We weren’t sure that was going to be the case, so KG (Kimberly Guilfoyle) and I brought enough for probably a Thanksgiving for 6 or 7, just for us, and we’re doing that today, on Wednesday, as a little extra celebration,” he said.

The pair then pointed to a table with turkey, ravioli, several condiments, strawberry pie and, according to Mr Trump, “enough stuffing for about 97 people”.

“So we hope that you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving and really just a blessed weekend,” he added.

It was also not clear whether Mr Trump and Ms Guilfoyle spent Thanksgiving Day with the president, who celebrated the annual holiday at the White House after playing golf in the morning.

The president, who caught Covid-19 last month, similarly claimed to have been cleared by physicians within three days of an admission to the Walter Reed Medical hospital, and later claimed to be “immune” to the disease, without basis.

According to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), those who catch the coronavirus “should separate themselves from others” within the home, and spend at least 10 days alone.

Mr Trump Jr said last week, when he announced his infection, that "I'll follow the regular protocols. You know, take it seriously".

Ms Guilfoyle tested positive for the coronavirus in the summer shortly before she was due to attend a July 4 speech by the president at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

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