Donald Trump Jr. Impersonator Is ‘Suing’ Cocaine Bear

via YouTube
via YouTube

As Cocaine Bear hits theaters this weekend, comedian J-L Cauvin is using his spot-on Donald Trump Jr. impression to announce that he’s “suing” the CGI predator for essentially stealing his identity.

With white powder on his nose and an extensive use of air quotes, the Trump Jr. impersonator begins by ranting about Hunter Biden before pivoting to the new film, which he says “wouldn’t have come out under my dad’s administration.”

“This movie, as ridiculous as it is, is actually very personal to me,” he continues, “because ‘Cocaine Bear’ was actually Kimberly’s original nickname for me.” From there, he accuses the movie of “defaming” his character.

“Instead of worrying about pronouns and whatever the hell is happening in ‘Ukraine,’ if that’s even a country,” he adds, “why don’t we stop making movies that defame great patriots like me? So we’re suing—not as a cancel culture, but because I’m a patriot!”

When Cauvin was a guest on The Last Laugh podcast towards the end of Donald Trump’s first term, he revealed that he never scripts his videos—then mostly portraying the senior Trump—because he feels that the best way to capture that particularly unhinged Trumpian energy is through freewheeling improv. “Once you get scripted, you’re already setting yourself back from being him,” he explained.

“If I can make him look like more of an idiot or turn him into more of a laughingstock, I’m all for it,” he said at the time. “Whenever somebody says ‘respect the office,’ I go, the guy in the office has to respect the office for me to respect it. I think he’s a wretched human being. If I make him look worse somehow or make him seem more absurd to a few more people then that’s all good because he’s the worst.”

For more, listen to J-L Cauvin on The Last Laugh podcast.

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