Donald Trump Jr rants about ‘brainless’ election winners after two days of humiliated midterm silence

Donald Trump Jr has finally returned to social media and ranted about “brainless” election winners after two days of humiliating midterm silence.

The former president’s eldest son had predicted a “bloodbath” for Democrats on election day earlier this week, as well as wishing his followers “Happy Red Wave Day” on Instagram and even added “LFG!!!”

Mr Trump posted “bloodbath” after the first round of polls closed on the east coast on Tuesday evening and had not been heard from until he posted a meme on Instagram on Thursday involving John Fetterman and Joe Biden.

“That we think these people should be making decisions for people while being clearly far less competent then them is amazing. Imagine what other countries think of us as we elect brainless people to major offices?” he wrote in a caption.“Dear fact checkers this is a parody. This did not actually get said and this is not actually a real communication… it is a meme, though based on these two candidates it could very conceivably happen and worse from what I have seen.”

The red wave he had hoped for never materialised with Democrats performing far better than expected, and while the GOP may take control of the House with a tiny majority control of the Senate is still too close to call.

The GOP is facing some of the worst results in decades by a party not in control of the White House in the first midterm elections of a presidential term.

And a string of pro-Trump candidates who backed the former president’s lies about his 2020 defeat to Joe Biden were defeated at the polls, including Doug Mastriano and Dr Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is still struggling to win her race in Colorado, as is gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake in Arizona.

The results for the Republicans have been so lacklustre that the former president, who is almost certainly going to run again in 2024, has been urged to push back his announcement.

Mr Trump endorsed more than 330 candidates in the midterms, many of which lacked experience and were heavily flawed. While Mr Trump celebrated their GOP primary wins, their radical stances on abortion and supporting Mr Trump’s lies about the 2020 election were not in sync with the wider electorate.

Some big Senate wins for Mr Trump included JD Vance in Ohio and Ted Budd in North Carolina.