Donald Trump Jr under fire for lewd meme of Zelensky and Pelosi after DC visit

Donald Trump Jr has come under fire for posting a lewd meme of Volodymyr Zelensky and Nancy Pelosi after the Ukrainian president’s visit to Washington DC.

The one-term president’s son mocked the Ukrainian leader, whom his father was impeached for trying to extort for information about Joe Biden, with the fake image on Instagram.

The sophomoric meme featured a woman dressed in just underwear with the House speaker’s head superimposed on the body standing next to Mr Zelensky.

“See that wasn’t so bad. Now let’s get you that $47 billion,” the caption read.

Mr Trump posted the image after Mr Zelensky received a rapturous reception for his address to a joint session of Congress earlier this week.

It came after he branded the Ukrainian leader as an “ungrateful international welfare queen.”

The post again highlights opposition from the pro-Russian MAGA wing of the Republican Party, members of which have said that the US should not help Ukraine fight off Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the country.

Far right-wing Republicans Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz refused to stand for Mr Zelensky, while Tucker Carlson on Fox News said that the wartime leader had dressed “like the manager of a strip club” in his fatigues.

“What a disrespect to any woman even though is a meme… no wonder… it is what you have learned at home from your dad,” wrote one person in the comments to Don Jr’s post.

And another user added: “Totally inappropriate meme. I normally support Trump, but this time you went too far. That’s disgusting.”

“So you want no support for Ukraine – got it. Vlad would be proud,” wrote another.

And someone else commented: “Your love of Putin is obvious.”

“It’s funny to watch your jealousy over the love and adoration so many have for Zelenskyy. He’s class, courage and an all around good human being, which no one would ever say about a Trump,” wrote another.