Donald Trump Just Said Two Things So Nonsensical They'll Make Your Head Spin

Donald Trump says a lot of daft and false things (9,179 and counting) so thebar for what passes as newsworthy after two years, 72 days and 14 hours ispretty high

Donald Trump says a lot of daft and false things (9,179 and counting) so the bar for what passes as newsworthy after two years, 72 days and 14 hours is pretty high.

So it is with a large dose of *WTF* and a smattering of *sigh* that we bring you two statements reportedly made within hours of each other on Tuesday that are... well, quite something.

First up, that sound can cause cancer. Specifically, the sound of wind farms.

This is, of course, completely false. At a stretch you could perhaps get away with saying the sound of smoking 60-a-day causes cancer, but only if accompanied by the actual smoking of 60-a-day.

One thing that is a well-established fact is Trump’s hatred for wind farms, mainly because he thinks they spoil the view from his golf courses. 

Anyway, back to the present.  If you thought the wind turbine gaffe could be excused by a healthy dose of ignorance, then just wait until you see this one.

Here is the President of the United States claiming his father was born in Germany.

“My father is German.  Right? Was German. And born in a very wonderful place in Germany, and so I have a great feeling for Germany.”

He was not.

Fred Trump was born and raised in New York. He may have been conceived in Germany just before his parents emigrated to the USA, but if Trump doesn’t know the difference between being conceived and being born then we have a whole other set of questions to ask.

Trump’s grandfather was born in Germany, but emigrated to the USA, possibly to avoid being drafted into the military – a bit like the president did during Vietnam.

It’s also worth noting this is the fourth time he’s made this particular false claim.

And as a mid-week bonus, here’s Trump trying to say the word “origins” and repeatedly failing.

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Anyway, Donald Trump is president and Brexit is a shambles. Good luck everyone.


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