Donald Trump ‘Miffed’ That Events Honoring George HW Bush Were About George HW Bush, Not Him, ‘NYT’ Reports

Jonathan Vankin

Donald Trump was widely criticized for a series of socially awkward gaffes during the memorial services and state funeral for 41st President George H.W. Bush this week, as Inquisitr reported. But behind the scenes, Trump was “impatient” for the multi-day series of events honoring Bush to wrap up, and was annoyed that the events memorializing Bush’s life and career in public service did not make Trump himself the center of attention.

That description of Trump’s behind-the-scenes demeanor comes from sources inside Trump’s administration, who spoke to New York Times reporter Peter Baker this week. According to Baker’s report, the administration officials described Trump as “miffed” by “so many ceremonial events not related to him.” In addition, Trump was “impatient for the memorials to end,” Baker wrote in his report.

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