Trump says the Queen's 'people' told him his state visit was 'the most fun she'd had in 25 years'

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
Donald Trump claims the Queen described his UK state visit as "the most fun she'd had in years' (PA)

Donald Trump has claimed the Queen said she’d “had the most fun in 25 years” during his recent state visit to the UK.

The US president said he’d shared an “automatic chemistry’ with the British monarch when he arrived in Britain for the three day visit in June.

But speaking on TV show ‘Fox and Friends’ on his birthday, Mr Trump claimed the Queen’s “people” had told him just how much the Queen enjoyed her time with the firebrand Republican.

Mr Trump often speaks highly of the Queen (AP)

He told presenters during the phone-in: “I had such a great relationship and we were laughing and having fun.

“Her people told me she hadn’t had such fun in 25 years.

“Now, then I got criticised for it because we were having too much, but it doesn’t matter.

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“But we had a great relationship and I had a great relationship with Charles and honestly I have a very good relationship with many world leaders.”

Mr Trump had told Fox News in a previous interview that he "didn't even know who the other people at the table were” because he had such great conversation with the Queen.

He said: "There are those that say they have never seen the Queen have a better time, a more animated time."

The US president recently said he shared chemistry with the Queen (PA)

"I didn't even know who the other people at the table were, never spoke to them. We just had a great time together.”

"The meeting with the Queen was incredible,” he added. “I think I can say I really got to know her because I sat with her many times and we had automatic chemistry, you will understand that feeling.

“It's a good feeling. But she's a spectacular woman."

The former businessman also denied claims he fist bumped the Queen as they greeted one another at Buckingham Palace on his arrival to the UK.