Donald Trump is selling another one of his helicopters, report says

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Donald Trump is reportedly selling another one of his personal helicopters. (Getty Images)
Donald Trump is reportedly selling another one of his personal helicopters. (Getty Images)

Donald Trump is reportedly selling off another one of his multi-million-dollar personal helicopter fleet—but don’t worry, he’s still got one left, plus the small matter of the Boeing 757 that he owns.

There’s no price listed for the chopper, a 1990 Sikorsky S-76B, but similar craft have sold for more than $1.5 million in recent years.

“Sources tell TMZ ... the former President recently put one of his personal choppers on the market, but there’s no exact asking price, and potential buyers can just submit offers,” wrote TMZ, which first reported the news.

The six-seat helicopter has been scrubbed of its iconic TRUMP logo on the tail, but its tail number, N76TE, remains from when the copter was in the former president’s fleet.

The interior also looks distinctly Trump-y, with cream white leather seats, gold fittings, and a lavish African mahogany accents throughout.

The larger-than-life New York businessman seems to be downsizing since losing the 2020 election, having put another of his helicopters up for sale last November.

Mr Trump’s helicopters, the same kind used by the Queen of England and the late basketball star Kobe Bryant, were a key part of his images as a high-flying New York real estate developer, then a political candidate. They made frequent appearances on his reality show The Apprentice, as well as the campaign trail.

Despite selling off some of his choppers, he still owns a third helicopter, plus a customized full 757 jumbo jet.

The former president is facing numerous lawsuits and criminal investigations, wracking up enormous legal fees.

And if he’s in the need for extra cash, apparently customized jetliners are selling well, as ultra-high net worth individuals shuttle between homes during the pandemic, Forbes has reported.

After the election and particularly the events of 6 January, many of Mr Trump’s former banks and business partners cut ties with the former president, who faces hundreds of millions of dollars of personally guaranteed debt coming due in the next few years.

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