Donald Trump September 11 Interview: He Said There Is No Way The Planes Could Have Penetrated WTC Buildings Without Bombs Exploding On Impact

Donald Trump September 11 interview

A Donald Trump September 11 interview, which recorded him giving a statement on the very same day of the attacks, was uploaded on YouTube in mid September by the pro-Trump group, which has partnered with in seeking the truth about unanswered questions concerning that fateful day in American history.

The people who run believe George W. Bush was actively involved in covering up certain details about the September 11 attacks. On the organization’s homepage, it says, “You [Trump] were one of the first, on the same day, to recognize that bombs must have been used on the WTC towers because steel is so strong. Over 2500 Architects and Engineers agree, along with PhDs in Physics, writing research papers for scholarly journals.”

The reason the Donald Trump September 11 interview exists in the first place is because in the wake of the attacks journalists thought, giving his expertise on real estate and building structure, his opinion regarding the specifics of the devastating damage was worth taking into consideration.

During the Donald Trump September 11 interview, he gives specific details for how the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center buildings were able to penetrate the stalwart steel cage of the buildings’ exterior, saying there had to have been bombs planted that exploded on impact, otherwise it would have been almost impossible for them to cause such damage.

According to Trump, the World Trade Center was different from other edifices in that most other buildings (at least during the time of the interview) are built with steel on the inside surrounding the elevator shafts, but the towers were built with steel from the outside, “which is the strongest structure you can have. It was almost like a can of soup.”

“It wasn’t architectural defect,” Trump said regarding the Twin Towers’ demise.

Donald says during the September 11 interview that he had toured the building that had endured the 1993 World Trade Center bombing a few days after it occurred, claiming the fact that the structure was able to withstand an explosion within its foundation is a testament to how impregnable it really was.

Donald Trump September 11 interview
The 1993 World Trade Center bombing rocked the buliding’s foundation, but amazingly kept the structure from total collapse. [Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]

So, if this Donald Trump September 11 interview is to be taken seriously and the soon-to-be U.S. president was correct in his conclusions, how did the terrorists know that crashing into the WTC towers would only be successful with the help of additional explosions?

It seems the Trump Commissioners are counting on Donald to reopen the official investigation into the September 11 attacks.

“There is one man who can cut through all the b.s. – a man who exemplifies the come back spirit of New York – Donald Trump.”

The big question is, does the president-elect have any plans to reopen the September 11 investigation? Unfortunately, there are mixed reports on this, most of which come from questionable sources. However, Brendan James of International Business Times wrote an article in 2015 that touches on the possibility of a reopening of the case.

Richard Gage, who originated the September 11 Truther group Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, has dedicated his life to digging up the actualities surrounding the biggest terrorist attack to happen on U.S. soil.

James interviewed Gage for his piece and quickly learned that Donald Trump had been in contact with Architects & Engineers after the organization had sent him Truther-related media, of which they’d sent to numerous Washington politicians, but Donald was the only one who’d given them any sort of response. He replied to them by email.

“‘Thank you for your book and DVDs,’ read the email, which Gage forwarded to me. ‘Our advisors will investigate the claims made by the architects and engineers more thoroughly and draw their own conclusions from there. We appreciate your continued support. Sincerely, The Trump Campaign.'”

Keep in mind that this happened in 2015, sometime between when Trump had declared his run for presidency and when James’ article was published on September 11, 2015.

Donald Trump September 11 interview
Photo taken from inside the 93rd floor of the World Trade Center on October 20, 1970. The Empire State Building can be seen out the narrow, steel encased windows. [Image by Jim Wells/AP Images]

Could it be that the president-elect’s expertise on building structure, illustrated by the Donald Trump September 11 interview, coupled with the passion from Truther movements, contributed to the rumor mill that he plans to reopen the 9/11 investigation?

In addition to the points Trump brought up in the interview, highlighted other concerns they have, all of which center around what President George W. Bush’s September 11 commission team did not properly look into.

Experts have found “thermitic explosive residue” within the leftover dust that became of the twin towers.

World Trade Center Building 7 went down at 5:20 PM on the day of the attacks seemingly without explanation.

Ostensibly, from 1994 – 2001 the elevator shafts in the WTC buildings had columns that were an ideal resting spot for bombs. Ceiling panels were also an ideal place.

George Bush’s brother, Marvin, worked for the company Securacom, which had guards working at the twin towers.

A man named Larry Silverstein became the WTC’s landlord not long before the attacks and profited more than $4 billion from the devastating aftermath.

These five points are things that, according to the Donald Trump September 11 interview video, Truthers seek the answers to, and they’re putting at least some of their hope on the man who will be the 45th president of the United States.

The recording of this Trump interview is a time capsule representative of a period when the real estate billionaire was seen in an altogether different light than he is now. Do you see the difference?

As far as the Truther movement goes, only time will tell if Donald will reopen the case into the attacks.

The Donald Trump September 11 interview ends with the following words from the president-elect. “The country is different today, and it’s going to be different than it ever was for many years to come.”

[Featured Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]

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