Donald Trump has shown followers the 'valuable tool' of lying: Letter

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The Republican Party has finally found the weapon that they believe will help them get re-elected in 2022 and 2024. It was embodied in Trump’s character all along. But now it is clear as day and ready to be used.

That weapon is serial lying. Trump taught them how this valuable tool works: If a lie is repeated often enough — week after week, month after month — it becomes both relevant and convincing. It has led to voter fraud, and now has given birth to voter suppression. This is the weapon, engendered through serial lying, that Republicans think will ensure their re-election.

Voter suppression, in all of its aspects, like gerrymandering district maps; eliminating drop boxes near counties where Black, Brown and Hispanic voters live; allowing Republican legislators to assign illegal representatives to count ballots; and requiring mail-in ballots to be received on or before Election Day in order to be counted. Indeed, strategies for voter suppression are almost limitless; all it takes is a sinister and an autocratic imagination.



This article originally appeared on Times-News: Burlington citizen says Trump's lies are useful in Republican election

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