Donald Trump Still Blames Romney for Failing to Use Trump's Superpowers

Donald Trump Still Blames Romney for Failing to Use Trump's Superpowers

Donald Trump says that even though he won the 2012 Republican primary for Mitt Romney, Romney didn't call him a single time after he clinched the nomination. Trump thinks he could have won Florida for Romney, too, if Romney hadn't been too chicken to air Trump's "You're Fired!" ad in the fall. "I would have made a very big difference for him, as I did in the primaries," Trump said. But that's fine, because Trump is considering another fake presidential campaign.

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"Everybody thought it was great, but they were afraid to use it," Trump tells The National Review's Betsey Woodruff. "They thought it was too tough… They didn't want to rock the boat, and the problem with this country is nobody’s willing to rock the boat and everybody wants to be so politically correct." Will Trump step in to fill that vacuum, as he did in 2011? Maybe precisely as he did in 2011, when he used a faux campaign to get more famous by claiming to be investigating President Obama's birth certificate. This got him a regular commentary gig on Fox and Friends, where on Monday he lamented that China was better at exploiting post-war Iraq than the U.S. was.

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Last fall, BuzzFeed reported that the Romney campaign was embarrassed by Trump's birtherism, but didn't want to disavow him, because rednecks loved him so much. ("If you have no education, and you work with your hands, you like him. It's like, 'Wow, if I was rich, that's how I would live!' The girls, the cars, the fancy suits. His ostentatiousness is appealing to them," a Trump source said.) But the tie dissolved quickly after the 2012 election. ("Trump doesn’t like to be associated with failure.") Of the 2016 hopefuls, Trump tells The National Review, "The candidates all want to see me."