Donald Trump uses his CPAC remarks in Dallas to dispute Jan. 6 hearing testimony

Shafkat Anowar/AP
·2 min read

Former President Donald Trump took an opportunity during his speech at CPAC on Saturday night to address testimony made during the Jan. 6 hearings.

Saturday evening marked the third and final day for the conference, which returned to Dallas at the Hilton Anatole. Trump, the most anticipated speaker of the weekend, delivered the closing remarks to a red MAGA-capped crowd.

A Jan. 6 hearing in June featured testimony from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson about how Trump lunged at a member of Secret Service security and attempted to take the wheel of a vehicle to get him to the U.S. Capitol. Hutchinson said he also threw food at the White House walls after learning then-Attorney General William P. Barr had told The Associated Press that the Justice Department had not found evidence of voter fraud.

Trump called the claim about taking the wheel “phony” before retelling the story himself to a laughing crowd.

“I know these people, these are very strong people,” Trump said in regard to Secret Service members. “It’s just not my deal.”

Trump said he respected the White House too much to toss food at the walls.

Trump also called for the use of same-day voting with paper ballots, and drew the largest cheers of all when he called for the abolition of the Department of Education if “radicalism” continued to be pushed as he expressed the idea that transgender athletes not be allowed to compete with the gender they identify with.

In the section of his speech about transgender athletes, he brought former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines onto the stage, who had given a speech earlier in the day about the same topic.

Gaines told the crowd that it only took a “brain,” “common sense” and “fifth-grade biology level understanding” to know that what was happening with transgender athletes being allowed to compete with the gender they identify with was unfair, and to “keep female sports female.”

Trump referred to MAGA as the greatest movement the country had ever seen and told the crowd that together they would built back America powerful, wealthy, strong, proud, safe and great again.