Donations Help Animal Rescue Group Rebuild Damaged Aviary Flight Cage At McLellan Park

A nonprofit's aviary flight cage at McClellan Park is designed to help thousands of birds in our area, and public donations have led to its rebuilding after being damaged in a January windstorm.

Video Transcript

ELIZABETH KLINGE: Now to this, a bird sanctuary is taking flight at the Wildlife Care Center.

KURTIS MING: Construction finished today, and CBS 13's Rachel Wulff is at McClellan.

TERRI MUSIK: This is one of our pigeons.

RACHEL WULFF: The work of tending to injured animals continues at the Wildlife Care Association.

TERRI MUSIK: Supervisor is training all of the new interns.

RACHEL WULFF: The nonprofit takes in thousands each year and rehabilitates them, the majority birds.

- Those are morning doves.

RACHEL WULFF: So when a January windstorm damaged their large flight aviary cage, they were devastated. Operations manager Terri Musik.

TERRI MUSIK: We came out one morning, and the whole aviary was just in the field. It was a pile of rubble.

RACHEL WULFF: They immediately hatched a plan to replace it with a bigger, even better one, raising more than $10,000 via a Facebook fundraiser.


Then a rebuilding plan took flight, thanks to Wells Construction.

- We're using the Facebook funds that they generated to pay for the materials. We're getting some help from Homewood Lumber in Rocklin.

RACHEL WULFF: The goal? Get 'er done, using 15 crew members to have the new cage constructed in a day.

- But we have everything we need. We have the people, and we're just going to have a beautiful day to get this thing done.

RACHEL WULFF: Musik says the sound of construction is music to her ears. The new cage will be bigger and better.

TERRI MUSIK: It's a bunch of small aviaries. We're going to have five small cages.

RACHEL WULFF: And be a critical part of their operation so many more injured birds spread their wings.

TERRI MUSIK: Because now we can run birds through and get them out even faster. They don't have to spend as much time with us.