Donell Harvin: Concerned Tucker Carlson intends to use Jan. 6 tapes to 'radicalize more people'

NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Ryan Nobles, former DC Chief of Homeland Security and Intelligence Donell Harvin, former U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton, Washington Post Deputy National Editor Phil Rucker, and Brendan Buck, former Communication Adviser to Speakers Ryan and Boehner, join Andrea Mitchell to weigh in on the ramifications of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy handing tapes from the Jan. 6 Committee over to Tucker Carlson. “Tucker Carlson has peddled in mis- and disinformation and, broadly, conspiracy theories for many, many, many years,” Harvin says. “And so to take those tapes and craft his own narrative, to radicalize more people, I think is a concern, blaming it from Antifa to all types of things. So I think his imagination knows no bounds, and I think he's got maligned intent in terms of using those tapes.”