'Don't mess with Messi': Argentines cheer win over Mexico

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STORY: The Argentine has won every other major title in his career but has failed to lift the coveted trophy despite making the final in 2014.

Hiba Faour, a fan of Messi, said: “Messi’s still here, Messi exists, he will never give up, he will show all the world the World Cup, in our hands, the hands of Argentina, don’t mess with him, this is Messi."

Mexico fan Eric said: “I’m fine because I knew Mexico sucks. Mexico can’t create one play, one shot on goal, it’s crazy, they can’t create anything. They defended and by the time Messi scored, there was nothing to do.”

Mexico, who have now lost all four World Cup clashes with Argentina, have one point and must beat Saudi Arabia, on three, to have any chance of continuing their run of making the last 16 in the last seven World Cups, but even that might not be enough.