Don't Miss This: The Blueair Air Purifier Is 50% Off On Amazon Right Now

blueair purifier for large rooms on sal
The Blueair Air Purifier Is 50% Off On AmazonPopular Mechanics; Blueair

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With the season quickly changing and spring allergy season on the horizon, now is when you'll want to pick up an air purifier for your home to keep the air you breathe as clean as possible. Whether you're looking for a portable option or one that targets dust, there are lots of options out on the market. Right now, the Blueair Air Purifier is on sale on Amazon for 50 percent off, bringing the price tag just below $300. You won't want to miss this limited-time deal; the air purifier is definitely a device you'll be grateful to have in your home when pollen season rolls around.

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Advanced Air Purifier for Large Room


The air purifier has a unique SpiralAir technology that helps deliver clean air to each corner of the space you're running it in. The omnidirectional airflow is beneficial in medium-sized rooms, which Blueair lists as roughly 418 square feet. It uses HEPASilent Ultra technology to keep sound down while it's running. It's also Asthma Allergy Nordic Recommended to help reduce allergens and pollutants that trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. The carbon filter removes up to 99.7 percent of smoke, dust, and pet dander, and the air purifier even has a built-in GermShield, which helps eliminate viruses and germs that circulate through the air.

The RFID chip in the filter alerts you when it's time to change the filter and you can control the handy home device with the connected smartphone app. It's Amazon Alexa compatible as well. The 50 percent off deal won't last long, and the units are selling fast. If you've been waiting for the right price before making the investment, this air purifier sale is one you certainly won't want to miss.

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