Don't sleep on UH in the NCAA tourney, David Nuno says

The Coogs hope to join their neighbors, the TSU Tigers, as early winners in the NCAA tournament.

Video Transcript

DAVID NUNO: I think so, and you mentioned working hard because we're over here watching games. I have to, work. Sorry, guys. Justin, seven teams from Texas in the tournament. Baylor up right now at halftime. Texas Tech won earlier.

But we're all really concerned with what's happening with U of H, Texas Southern last night as well.

- Yeah, I mean, look. U of H, we all know they're a good team. But does the country really believe that U of H is a contender in this? I mean, number two here.

DAVID NUNO: Yeah, they're are two seed. And here's the one thing I will say about the University of Houston. They can beat anybody on any given night. They've got so many different scores on their team, and they play great team defense.

And we know what Kelvin Sampson does. You ask if the country is aware of U of H? I'd say no. Coaches are aware of U of H, though. Because yes, they play in the American Athletic Conference, but if you look at college basketball the last couple of years, you don't have to be a blueblood. Think about the number one seeds this year.

Baylor is a basketball school, but it's not who you think of. You think of the North Carolinas, Duke, Gonzaga as well. Another great program, but not really considered one of those blue bloods like Kentucky. U of H is in that mix, and they're the kind of team that can go all the way to a Final Four. I'd love to see that.

- Yeah, I mean, look. You're going in by the averages, right now it has U of H working its way, not so good once he gets into the mix. But it's got him going pretty far.

DAVID NUNO: Well, Illinois is a one seed a lot of people have them winning it all. If they get to that point, do not sleep on the Coogs. They can beat Illinois. They can beat anybody in the country, especially when you have a system that continues to bring the same type of players to play with heart, play with dedication every night.