'Don't Tell a Soul' exclusive sneak peek: 'I feel so helpless with you boys'

Joey (Jack Dylan Grazer) intervenes when Matt (Fionn Whitehead) fights with their mother (Mena Suvari).

Video Transcript


- All you do is pop pills and watch TV all day. Don't fucking rag my ass about how I live!

- I'm worried about you! [INAUDIBLE]--

- Screw that guy! He's lying!

- You and Tom--

- I've never been in that dump!

- I'm sorry. And--

- Hey, Matt! Mom!

- Go to your room. Lock the door.

- Stop talking about me like I'm not even in here!

- [INAUDIBLE] my pain pills--

- No, you're fucking lying!

- Matt, stop!

- No, not the TV!

- Matt! Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt! OK, I was taking your pain pills. I was-- that was me. I was taking it. I was taking them.

- You?

- That was me.

- You? Why?

- I--

- Why?

- I was bored.

- Time for rehab.

- Shut up!

- I feel so helpless with you boys.


Get me-- get me a diet soda. Please.

- Sure, Mom.

- You two make me sick. Baby, Ma, baby, Ma. Fucking-- I hate this place.

- I'll get you that soda. I'm gonna help you clean up. OK?