'I don't think you can blame a guy for that': Dodgers' Buehler on Trevor Bauer's fiery presence

SportsPulse: Mackenzie Salmon connected with Dodgers pitcher Walker Buehler to get his perspective on his new teammate Trevor Bauer and if the L.A. has to prove anything after winning the title in a shortened season.

Video Transcript

MACKENZIE SALMON: You seem like a very nice guy. Obviously, I don't know you that well. But Trevor is often outspoken. He doesn't really hide his emotions on the mound. How do you think he's going to fit into this Dodger's team. Do you think he's going to bring out some spunk in you?

WALKER BUEHLER: Yeah, you know, I've been known to say a few things myself.


WALKER BUEHLER: No, we're excited. I think he's always trying to spread the game and you know, make the game fun. And I don't think you can blame a guy for that obviously. You know, maybe we want him to do a little bit differently, but we'll see. Obviously, Kersh is kind of the leader of that group. And he's a little bit different in that way. But you know, he's let me kind of be myself, so I imagine he'll do the same.

MACKENZIE SALMON: What do you say to those fans that think maybe you guys need to prove it again in a normal length season? What do you say to people like that? [CHUCKLES]

WALKER BUEHLER: You know, somebody had to win in a 60-game season. And we're definitely happy that it was us. But you know, I think it is kind of funny everyone wants to tell us that we don't feel that way. You know what? I think we want to win in a 162-game season too.

I don't think any of us wanted to play 60 games. We wanted to play the whole thing. And we wanted to hold the trophy at the end. But we played 60, and we held it at the end, so we feel good about that. And now it's time to go do it again.