"I don't want to hear any of that rubbish": NZ politician shut down

Politician Jami-Lee Ross sat down with Newshub's political editor Tova O'Brien following his loss at the general election, where his party Advance NZ registered 0.9 percent of the vote. In her interview with Ross, O'Brien called him a "narcissist" who was "whipping up fear and hysteria among vulnerable communities" throughout the general election. She added that she "don't want to hear any of that rubbish," when Ross started to compare the mortality rate or coronavirus and the flu. Facebook removed the newly formed Advance NZ's Party's page from the site on Thursday (October 15) because of "repeated violations" of Facebook's policy on misinformation about the virus that could lead to imminent physical harm, Facebook said in a statement. The party has stirred controversy with an anti-vaccination stance and has also called for an end to coronavirus lockdowns.