Don't wash the car this weekend: Mayor urges continued water conservation

While a boil order remains in effect and pressure is improving, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner still wants you to hold off on some water uses.

Video Transcript

- We're still under the boil water notice, so let me just say that. And until we come out of it there's going to be a tremendous need to provide people with drinking water. You can take a shower with the water as it is but you can't drink with it. So the bottled water is desperately needed. I certainly want to thank our grocers for stepping up but we recognize still with a huge demand. We just have to all kind of come in and supplement one another's effort. Having said that, let me just ask people kind of hold on get in your car washed. I know it's a beautiful day. I know it's a beautiful day and normally in the city of Houston people would rush to get their car's washed.

- That's right!

- I'm going to ask that you hold on that car washing. And I'm going to ask even car washing companies, businesses if they will hold for this weekend. Let us get past this crisis, this challenge, and then you can proceed. I promise you, in the city of Houston, warmer days are coming. And you can go and get your cars washed. But for right now, when people are in line by the thousands and needing bottled water and we were working across-- I mean to improve things. Let me just ask that you hold for this weekend. And then with regards to the water. I want to thank Public Works again. They have been working around the clock to put us in a situation to get us out of this boil water notice.