'Doom Patrol' actress says season 2 was supposed to have one more episode, but they never finished filming because of the pandemic

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Production on "Doom Patrol" was shut down a little early because of the pandemic. Abigail Shapiro tells Insider they had a few more scenes to finish filming.

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  • Warning: There are some minor spoilers ahead if you haven't tuned into season two of "Doom Patrol."

  • Season two of the DC Universe and HBO Max series is now streaming and is nine episodes long.

  • Actress Abigail Shapiro tells Insider it was originally supposed to have one more episode. 

  • Production on the second season was halted earlier this year toward the end of filming due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • "We have [episodes] one through nine, which is basically the whole season," said Shapiro.

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The second season of "Doom Patrol" is currently streaming on DC Universe and HBOMax. The season has a total of nine episodes, but it possibly could have had one more if it wasn't for the coronavirus.

"It was basically all finished," Abigail Shapiro, who plays Dorothy Spinner, told Insider of filming the second season. "There was going to be one more episode and we only had a couple of scenes left, but we never got to finish that episode."

"So, I don't know if that episode is ever going to air or anything," Shapiro added. "I don't know much about what's happening."

A representative for WB TV did not immediately return Insider's request for comment about a 10th episode for season two.

doom patrol cliff dorothy
Clint Steele (left), voiced by Brendan Fraser, is a living brain inside a robot. Here, he's seen with Dorothy on season two.

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"Doom Patrol" was among the many TV and film productions shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. The series started shooting in November 2019.

The series follows a ragtag group with superpowers who are struggling to find their place in the world and accept changes that either granted them with abilities they didn't ask for, or, in the case of Cliff Steel (Brendan Fraser), turned him into a living robot.

Shapiro joined the show on its second season as Dorothy, a powerful girl who appears to be 11, but is actually over a century old and has the ability to destroy the world.

abigail shapiro dorothy
Abigail Shapiro sat through hours of prosthetics to transform into her "Doom Patrol" character. By the end of production, the team got the process down to under two hours.

Left: Photography: Emily Assiran, hair/make-up: Chelsea Gehr. Right: Warner Bros. Television

Despite production shutting down near the end of filming, it sounds like the second season should wrap up with a resolution. 

"We have [episodes] one through nine, which is basically the whole season," said Shapiro. "We got basically everything done, which I'm very grateful for."

Shapiro says she has been quarantining in Florida with her family. While she's been auditioning for a few other projects, she'd love to continue working on the DC Universe series.

"I hope we get another season of 'Doom Patrol,' just putting that out there," said Shapiro. "That would be amazing. Right now it's all just kind of a waiting game to see what happens."

The first five episodes of "Doom Patrol" are currently streaming on DC Universe and HBO Max. New episodes are released weekly on Thursday.

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