DoorDash Q4 sales soared 226% with ongoing in-person dining restrictions

DoorDash reported earnings that topped estimates. The Food delivery service reported revenue of $970 million and adjusted EBITA of $94 million, handily beating street estimates of $926.71 million in expected revenue and $298 million year-over-year $92.97 million expected adjuste4d EBITA. Yahoo Finance's Emily McCormick breaks down the details.

Video Transcript

ADAM SHAPIRO: DASH trading down after hours. We got their earnings report. Ines Ferre's been looking over what they had to say. What are they telling us?

INES FERRE: Well, Adam, revenue came in at $970 million. That was a beat. Total orders grew by 233% year over year to 273 million. That was also a beat.

Also looking at marketplace, gross order value, that came in at $8.2 billion. That was also a beat. But the company is saying that the outlook for fiscal year 2021 is highly uncertain. That may be why you're seeing the stock in after hours move down, because on order totals, it's a beat, gross order value, it's a beat, revenues, a beat.

ADAM SHAPIRO: All right. Ines Ferre giving us the DoorDash breakdown on their earnings report.